Chef Lawrence designing cupcakes

Cupcake Designing

Chef Lawrence with designing some of the best cupcakes I ever had.

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Greek Festival

Last week I attended the Greek Festival at Prophet Elias Greek Orthodox Church at San Bernardino. Here is a quick video from it:

I had some Souvlaki and feta fries and it was a great event!

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My niece enjoying a cakepop on her birthday

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Western Burger by George’s Drive In

Like I have mentioned on a previous video George’s Drive In is owned by my family. After many years of requests we decided to add the famous Western Burger on our menu. So here is a small video of how it is made/prepared.

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Breakfast Burrito by George’s Drive In

What are you having for breakfast? Bellow is the breakfast burrito from George’s Drive In. Enjoy!

My family owes George’s Drive In and I have worked there for many many years. Our breakfast burrito is one of the best sellers on the menu so we decided to to a quick video of how we prepare/make it.

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Mr. Robot Wallpaper

Mr. Robot is one of my favorite shows. I remember when I saw this scene on the episode I was like “BINGO” that’s a great wallpaper right there! So I had to crop and share. I did fix it a little bit on Photoshop to be centered and the right resolution.

Mr. Robot Wallpaper

Mr. Robot Wallpaper
Size: 1080×1920


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